Moving Tips

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Simple Tips Can Ease Moving Stress

Following a few simple tips can help your moving day run smoothly and efficiently. Moveco Moves offers valuable and personalized advice on how to prepare your home or business. Please view our list of moving tips below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. A member of our team will be happy to help.

Apartment Moves

Things to Consider Before Your Moving Day:

Reserve elevators & parking space for your movers.

Arrange for parking permits if required.

House Moves

Things to Consider Before Your Moving Day:

Ensure that your driveway is cleared & accessible.

Be sure all packing is completed before movers arrive.

Bundle loose items like brooms, mops, tools, etc.

Make sure furniture drawers are emptied.

Dresser drawers can be left with clothing in them only.

Do not overload boxes, & pack flatware vertically.

Do not pack any liquids as they may spill or leak.

Seal & label all cartons.

Identify contents of boxes & destination.

Label & separate any items that are NOT to be moved.

Knockdown furniture should be disassembled & packed.

Fixtures should be taken down prior to moving day.

Plan ahead for location of furniture at delivery address.

Keep all passageways clear.

Reconfirm delivery address.

Conduct final inspection of residence to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Meet movers at delivery location.